Yoga poses for 10 minutes every morning will keep you refreshed all day long!

Heavy work and trivial life put our body and mind under various pressures, and negative emotions such as tension and anxiety gradually accumulate in the body. When the body accumulates more and more negative energy, various small problems will gradually appear, and the body will enter a sub-healthy state. Yoga is a natural stimulant to the body. It can quickly wake up the brain, activate breathing, accelerate blood circulation, increase the oxygen content in the body, and inject new vitality into your body. Ten minutes every morning, it will help you full of energy throughout the day!

Yoga poses for 10 minutes every morning will keep you refreshed all day long!


Yoga mats, yoga clothes (wearing elastic and breathable yoga clothes to practice yoga will help you stretch your body better)


Step 1: When we wake up early in the morning, our body will be more rigid. So we first wake up the body and move the body on the bed to do these two movements.

  1. Exhaust method

Lie down with your feet together and straight

Slowly bend your right knee as you inhale, then cross your fingers on your right knee

As you exhale, press your right knee to your chest with both hands. Keep left leg straight and toe hook

When you inhale again, lift your head and neck to your knees and keep breathing. Be careful not to stretch your forehead to your knees, but always pull your knees toward your forehead.

Hold five breaths and repeat on the other side

Efficacy: It can stretch and activate the entire back; remove unnecessary exhaust gas from the stomach and relieve constipation; massage the abdominal organs; relax the knees, hips, elbows and arms.

  1. Supine twist

Lie on your back with your legs together

Bend your knees so that your thighs and calves are 90°, and your thighs are perpendicular to the ground. Raised side hand

Exhale, knees on the ground, head and neck to the left, eyes to the left

After holding your breath for 10-15 times, switch to the other side and repeat, taking care not to let your shoulders leave the ground during the whole process

Efficacy: It can help you relax the entire waist and back; massage the abdominal organs; eliminate excess fat in the waist and abdomen

Yoga poses for 10 minutes every morning will keep you refreshed all day long!

Step 2: Unfold the yoga mat, come to the front of the mat, and then start practicing sun worship. The twelve sun salute postures include prayer posture, arm extension, forward bending, horse riding, peak posture, snake, snake and peak posture (same posture), horse riding (this posture is the same as forward bending, left and right opposite), forward Bend, stretch your arms, pray. It is said that this is a complete and coherent set of yoga exercises created by ancient Indians to thank the sun for the light and energy brought to mankind. It can call our entire body and quickly heat up the body. It is very suitable for practicing early in the morning and before other yoga exercises.

Yoga poses for 10 minutes every morning will keep you refreshed all day long!

Efficacy: Stretch the abdominal internal organs, eliminate excess fat, and improve the digestive system. Exercise the arm and shoulder muscles. Open the chest and regulate emotions. (Please note that these 12 actions maintain one action and one breath. A complete set of sun salutes only takes less than 1 minute. For people who work in a hurry, this is a very cost-effective set of actions. We repeat 5 -10 times it.)

Yoga poses for 10 minutes every morning will keep you refreshed all day long!

Step 3: We use the classic yoga posture-"tree pose" to end the morning exercises. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this tree pose allows us to concentrate and refresh us.

Tree yoga

Standing mountain pose, put a heavy object on your left foot, bend your right knee, and then place your right foot on the inner left thigh or inner calf to avoid knee joints

Keep your left and right hips pointing straight forward and parallel to the ground to keep your body stable

Slowly put your hands on your chest, extend your hands from the midline of your body to the top of your head, open your chest, and then sink your shoulders

According to your ability, keep it for as long as possible (30~60 seconds) and keep a steady breathing rhythm

Put down your hands and right foot, then switch to the other side to practice

Efficacy: Strengthen the muscles of the legs and back; beautify the lines of the arms; improve concentration, endurance and balance; expand the chest cavity and correct bad posture; relieve sciatica.

Yoga poses for 10 minutes every morning will keep you refreshed all day long!

By spending more than ten minutes of yoga asanas every morning, our body is fully stretched, and the blood vessels of the whole body are unobstructed; we start our energetic day!