Yoga effectively helps clinical treatment of depression

Depression is a common mood disorder. Its main feature is the performance of severe and lasting depression. When depression symptoms are severe, suicidal thoughts and behaviors may occur, and most people will relapse. When a person is in a state of depression, he needs to endure tremendous physical and mental pain, which seriously affects life, family and career. Therefore, once depression is diagnosed, it is best to receive it in time, and adequate and thorough treatment, otherwise it will cause the disease to become chronic and refractory.

Yoga effectively helps clinical treatment of depression

There are many medical studies in the medical field, which prove that yoga has a good therapeutic effect on depression. Yoga can be used as an important aid in the treatment of depression. Because when practicing various balance postures in yoga, the complexity of the relationship between body, mind and spirit is very obvious, which requires you to consciously influence them, increase concentration, and bring your mind into a state of harmony and balance. Simple and regular exercise can effectively assist in the treatment of depression. Next, there are several ways to help friends suffering from depression alleviate the pain of depression. (Note: Beginners should practice under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher)

Yoga effectively helps clinical treatment of depression


  1. "Sun worship" yoga and inverted yoga
  2. Facing the sun every morning practice 7 sets of sun salute.
  3. When the body temperature rises, you can choose the appropriate inverted posture to practice according to your personal habits (you can choose auxiliary tools, such as yoga bricks, lanyards, etc.) for 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Yoga effectively helps clinical treatment of depression

Second, clean up the meridian pranayama

A: Choose a comfortable sitting position with your back facing the sun and let the warm energy of the sun shine on your back.

  1. Extend your right hand, place your index finger and middle finger on the center of your forehead; place your thumb next to the right nostril and control your ring finger in the depressions at the upper end of the nostril, and then press here until the nasal cavity is completely closed.
  2. Inhale deeply from the right nasal passage, fully inhale and hold your breath, and pause the breathing to the personal tolerance range.
  3. When apnea, consciousness, imagine and experience the energy inhaled from the right nasal passage, and radiate to the whole body through the heart chakra.
  4. Exhale from the left nasal passage and relax; complete seven sets of clearing meridians.

Yoga effectively helps clinical treatment of depression

Three, yoga fasting

In the middle and late stages of clinical treatment of depression, yoga fasting can be performed regularly, and the use of drug therapy can be gradually reduced, which can completely solve the drug dependence state.


Answer: Such clinical auxiliary exercises need to be used in conjunction with medical diagnosis and yoga treatment auxiliary methods for individual situations.

  1. Practitioners need to practice the handstand posture and exercise time selectively according to their personal circumstances.
  2. Yoga fasting has many taboos and precautions, please do it under the guidance of professional yoga institutions or professional yoga teachers.
  3. When practicing yoga, it is recommended to wear professional elastic, breathable and soft yoga clothes, which will help you easily perform yoga exercises.