Why wear professional yoga clothes when practicing yoga?

The difference between yoga and other exercise methods is that yoga focuses on self-cultivation and unity of mind and body. For yoga lovers, especially beginners, comfortable and professional yoga clothes can not only absorb sweat quickly, but also make you better practice yoga. So how do we choose?

Why wear professional yoga clothes when practicing yoga?

Moisture wicking fabric

Although this material is not purely natural, it has an advantage: After sweating, it does better than cotton and linen, and it will not stick to the body due to wet clothes and pants. Over time, it may develop into eczema. In the market, there are many types of fabrics that absorb moisture and absorb sweat. It is recommended to compare different qualities when buying yoga clothes, and choose yoga clothes with a more delicate texture and better elasticity.

Why wear professional yoga clothes when practicing yoga?

Comfortable and natural

Yoga can not only stretch from multiple angles, but also stretch the entire body. Therefore, if you wear loose and comfortable cotton and linen clothes, it will be very airy and comfortable, but sometimes because of the inelastic fabric, you will feel restrained. The style should be concise, generous, and neat. Don't over-decorate your clothes (especially metal), belts or knots to prevent chromium from causing unnecessary damage to your body. The style should be based on the freedom of extension of the limbs and should not restrain the entire body. The cuffs of style jackets should not be tied tightly. It is recommended to open naturally; the pants should be elastic or tight-fitting, because there will be some backward movement in yoga, and the elasticity will prevent the pants from falling.

Color and style

Choose colors that are as fresh and elegant as possible. Pure colors are the best. This can relax your optic nerve and calm yourself down quickly. Don't let the colors jump too much and too gorgeous, and try not to wear colors that stimulate you when practicing yoga.

When practicing yoga, yoga clothes can free your body from the constraints of the outside world and stretch freely. Therefore, yoga clothes that can bring you peace and relaxation are the first choice.