Why is it easy to rebound after weight loss exercise?

Many people have been insisting on aerobic exercise to lose weight. They know that to reduce body fat, aerobic exercise is the best way. However, not many people can rely on aerobic exercise to successfully lose weight. This is why? Pure aerobic exercise is the best way to lose weight. Is this weight loss method effective?

My fitness trainer told me that aerobic exercise can help us reduce body fat. This is a fact. However, if you want to successfully lose weight through aerobic exercise alone, the effect will not be so ideal. Because the first thing that aerobic exercise will make you lose is not fat, but the consumption of body water and muscle before you start to burn fat. In other words, aerobic exercise is the wrong amount of consumption, it will consume the body's muscle and fat at the same time.

Why is it easy to rebound after weight loss exercise?

If you can strictly control your diet and stick to one hour of aerobic exercise every day, then it will not be difficult to reduce it. But after losing weight, your body will become very dry due to the loss of muscle and fat at the same time.

Muscle loss will reduce your basal metabolism, so after you stop exercising and resume your diet, your weight can easily rebound. This has caused many people to lose weight without losing weight because they tend to gain weight.

Strength training is exercise that helps you build muscles, increase muscle mass, and prevent muscle loss. Therefore, the best way to lose fat is strength training that you ignore.

Why is it easy to rebound after weight loss exercise?

Ways to lose weight fast: diet control + strength training + aerobic training.

Many people do not understand strength training. Not only do they ignore strength training, they are also disgusting, especially for girls. Friends around me said that they wanted to lose fat on their arms, but when they heard that they needed strength training, they were scared. They believe that strength training can easily allow you to develop large muscles. This also fully shows that many people still do not have enough strength training knowledge.

As the name suggests, strength training is about building muscles, but muscles are not so good. Some of the benefits of muscle gain have been overlooked by us, such as improving the body's metabolism, shaping good-looking graphs, enhancing muscle strength, and improving human endurance and explosive power.

Why is it easy to rebound after weight loss exercise?

The increase in muscle content is very beneficial for weight loss. When the muscle content in your body increases, your own metabolism will also improve, and your body is just like the slim figure your body has, so your fat loss journey will become easier. After training for muscle growth, your body will continue to burn calories the next day, which will undoubtedly accelerate your fat loss. It is recommended to wear sports equipment for exercise. The comfortable and breathable sportswear fabric will help you wick away sweat and stretch freely. A pair of sports shoes will help you run more smoothly.

Strength training is not only to gain muscles, but also to improve physical health and strength, keep skin firm, plump and elastic, and help delay the onset of aging. Adhering to strength training can reduce life pressure and enhance one's own anti-stress ability.

All in all, why can't lose weight after losing weight, but the weight always rebounds? the reason is simple. The body lacks muscles, which will cause the body's metabolism to decline, and it is easy to gain weight. Therefore, an aerobic exercise cannot keep you in a good shape that is easy to lose weight. You need to combine comprehensive training, aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, which is the best way to promote weight loss.