Why do some underwear "shift up"?

I believe that many friends have the same problem as me when they wear underwear-the underwear will "move up" when wearing underwear. What is the reason? I consulted professional underwear sales staff and they explained the problem.

Why do some underwear "shift up"?

The reason is that the bottom of the underwear is too loose, or the underwear selected is incorrect. The size of the underwear is too big and the cup is empty. It is an empty plate floating in front of your chest, so when you raise your hand, underwear will naturally follow it. Similarly, if the size is too small, slightly tightening the shoulder strap will make it move upward. This is because the strength of the shoulder straps will support the entire underwear, and the underwear will slowly leave the lower part of the chest.

So, what problems should be paid attention to when wearing underwear, so that the underwear will not move upwards?

1.First of all, when choosing underwear, you must choose according to your body shape. It cannot be too large or too small, too large will cause the cup to be empty, and too small will oppress the breast.

2.For sagging girls, you must choose underwear with underwires to fix the breasts.

3.Girls with small breasts should choose underwear made of cotton fabrics, which can effectively make up for the vacancies and deficiencies of breasts.

4.For girls with big breasts, light and thin fabrics should be chosen. This fabric is very suitable for plump ladies and will not feel heavy when worn.

Therefore, the reason for the upward movement of underwear is that our underwear is incorrectly selected. When choosing underwear, you must choose according to your body shape.