Why are "yoga pants" so popular? How do we choose yoga pants?

What are yoga pants? As the name suggests, yoga pants are pants worn when practicing yoga. We also call it leggings or skinny pants.

It was initially popular in the European and American fashion world. Whether it is a star or a blogger, you can wear yoga pants everywhere. This emerging style of dress is very popular in Europe and the United States. Now it is also a boom in China!



Why are "yoga pants" so popular?


In fact, the "yoga pants" version is no different from slimming pants, fitness pants and leggings. It can be matched with an A windbreaker or long coat, plus a pair of leggings, it does look very slim visually. But compared with them, the two most prominent points of yoga pants are "slimness" and "comfort", especially for people with a slender figure. The moderate elasticity and comfortable and breathable fabric can not only visually show the figure, but also It can bring a better wearing experience for the wearer, which is why girls value more in addition to the pursuit of fashion, so this is also the reason why "yoga pants" have become more and more popular.



How to choose yoga pants?


So how do we choose yoga pants? For example, as a girl who loves yoga, I suggest that yoga pants are best to choose the type of body shaping, because professional body shaping yoga pants can more easily see the line, state and direction of muscles, and professional yoga pants It is designed in conjunction with the stretching of yoga itself to achieve the effect of training. Another point is that the knees and legs will not be rubbed when doing the kneeling position. This is also a common choice for most girls.