What is the reason for wearing a swimsuit for swimming?

I read a piece of news not long ago. The angler fished in the reservoir and died of drowning. It is worth mentioning that this angler can swim. It is understandable that the angler swims to the coast after falling into the water. But unfortunately, it sank more than ten meters from the coast, but what I don’t understand is why it drowned before the critical moment was over. Experts analyzed that this is related to the clothes worn when falling into the water. So, what obstacles will people encounter when they fall into the water while wearing their clothes and swim?

What is the reason for wearing a swimsuit for swimming?

Someone did an experiment. It is much more difficult to swim in the water in T-shirts and shorts than in swimwear. Amateur swimmers usually pant at 20 to 30 meters. Light clothes in summer are like this.

If it is winter clothes, jeans, sweaters and jackets, then when you swim in the water, all swimming methods will be deformed. After a while, you will not be able to swim at all. Every current is exhausting, and even if you can swim to the shore, the load of clothes full of water will make it less likely to want to go ashore alone.

It can be said that if a person who can swim in the water wears a set of clothes he usually wears, he will easily drown. The reason is that the clothes become heavier after being pumped and the resistance becomes larger. Can't adapt. From this perspective, we should understand why we must wear a swimsuit to enter the water.

What is the reason for wearing a swimsuit for swimming?

So what are the benefits of swimming in a swimsuit?

In addition, most of the resistance reduction of swimming trunks is nylon and spandex. Swimming suits are required to fit well and are not easy to store water, otherwise they will be water when swimming and will absorb water. Because it does not intend to absorb too much water and will not be easily washed away by water, it also avoids embarrassment!

So, what if you accidentally fall into the water and your clothes become a burden? Of course, the first thing is to stay calm. At this time, if you feel panic, you will sink more and more in a hurry. On the premise of keeping calm, you should undress one by one, preferably. Of course, you can only undress underwater at this time. As long as you can step on the water and hold your breath, it is easy to undress in the water. Only by taking off your clothes can you better complete self-help.