What is aerobic exercise? Is it suitable for everyone?

Nowadays, the concept of healthy weight loss is accepted by more and more people. For most people, the exercise goal is just to "weight loss", and it is more effective to convert it to aerobic exercise.

There are many common aerobic exercise methods. If conditions permit, we can all try it out and choose our favorite long-term durability. The following are the most common aerobic exercise methods.

What is aerobic exercise? Is it suitable for everyone?

1. Running

Running can promote blood circulation, improve heart function; improve brain blood supply and brain cell oxygen supply, reduce cerebral arteriosclerosis, and make the brain work normally. Running can also effectively stimulate metabolism, increase energy consumption, and help lose weight and bodybuilding.

Wear suitable sportswear when running. Perspiration, breathable and quick-drying sportswear can help you run more smoothly and feel happy. When running, you should control your heart rate and keep your breathing stable, such as two steps with one breath, two steps with one breath, or three steps with one breath, and three steps with one breath.

2. Swimming

When swimming, due to water pressure, resistance, buoyancy and lower water temperature, all organs of the human body move. Regular swimming exercise can improve body temperature regulation to meet the needs of external temperature changes. In addition, muscle activity consumes calories when swimming, and the body must replenish calories as soon as possible to promote body metabolism.

What is aerobic exercise? Is it suitable for everyone?

Note: Do not eat too much before entering the water, and do not be hungry. It is best to add water one hour after meals; warm-up exercise is essential. Properly massaging the legs and easily cramped areas can effectively avoid leg discomfort during swimming. Cramps; swimming equipment is essential: swimming caps, waterproof (anti-fog) glasses, nasal congestion and suitable swimming trunks are very important.

3. Mountaineering

Mountain climbing can significantly improve the strength of the waist and legs, travel speed, endurance, coordination and balance of the body and other physical fitness, enhance cardiopulmonary function, and enhance the ability to resist diseases. The ascent speed should be slow. You can adjust the temperature by up and down clothes.

Note: Patients suffering from hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc. should do their best

What is aerobic exercise? Is it suitable for everyone?

4. Playing badminton

Compared with outdoor sports, this kind of indoor sports makes people feel comfortable, but don't underestimate its sports effect. According to relevant data, regular badminton matches are more intense than football matches.

What is aerobic exercise? Is it suitable for everyone?

5. Cycling

It is best to go outdoors by bike. If you feel comfortable outdoors, you can use different intensity and rhythm, or use on different terrain, such as changing driving routes and adding items to climb hills.

Technical points: The correct riding posture is: the upper body is lower, the head is slightly tilted forward; the arms are naturally bent to facilitate the waist bend, reduce the body's center of gravity, and prevent the impact transmission caused by car bumps. Whole body; hold the handle gently and firmly with both hands, then place the seat firmly on the hips.

What is aerobic exercise? Is it suitable for everyone?

Finally, I want to say that exercise is not for everyone. There are different exercises for each age group. Finding an exercise that suits you can make your body healthier~