What fat burning exercises can be done indoors?

In the fat burning exercise, the fat burning effect of every exercise is different, but many people don’t know what are the indoor body fat burning exercises. Today I will introduce those exercises that can reduce fat.

rope skipping

The best way to lose weight in the short term is not limited by region. It only takes half an hour to burn a lot of calories, but all exercises require perseverance to be effective. Skipping is also an aerobic exercise, which can burn fat well. Skipping 30 minutes will burn 440 calories. According to the calculation of 7200 calories to lose 1 kg of fat, skipping rope can lose 1 kg of fat in less than 5 hours.

What fat burning exercises can be done indoors?

Kick the shuttlecock

Shuttlecock kicking is also one of aerobic exercises. At the same time, this is a healthy weight loss exercise. If you want to lose weight fast, but don't want to participate in a lot of sports, then I personally recommend that you use shuttlecock to lose weight. This method is very suitable for white-collar workers who have worked in the office for a long time. They are busy off work and may take some time to kick the shuttlecock after get off work. This will not only lose weight, but also enhance your physical fitness.

What fat burning exercises can be done indoors?


Yoga is a fitness sport that is popular all over the world. Both petty citizens and big stars like yoga. It can help you move towards elegance and beauty, and cultivate happiness, charm and flexibility! It is best to wear yoga sportswear when practicing yoga. The fabric of yoga clothes is elastic, soft and comfortable, and can stretch freely. For example, to rotate the legs left and right, first lay the yoga mat flat on the yoga mat, with arms open, palms facing down; bend the knees off the ground, the angle between the knees and the angle between the legs and the upper body is 90 degrees, and the knees Should be as close to the left as possible on the ground, turn your knees to the right at the same time, look at your right fingertips and practice left and right alternately. There are 1 set on the left and right, a total of 30 sets. This action can burn fat corners, reduce weight and shape your body!

Indoor bicycle

Bicycle can be said to be a very common mode of transportation in our daily life, but as aerobic exercise for weight loss and fitness exercise, it has also become popular in recent years. The advantage of cycling is that the level and range of exercise are relatively large, and you can adjust it yourself. For example, if you ride a bicycle slowly and easily, you can burn 210 calories; if you increase the speed and increase the intensity, the calorie consumption can reach 420 calories, which can be doubled! And as a means of transportation, it is very convenient anytime and anywhere.What fat burning exercises can be done indoors?


Aerobic exercise can also be done indoors. Stepper is one of the most popular indoor aerobic fitness exercises. The amount of exercise is not very large, but it can consume 325 calories per hour! If you don't have a stepper at home, using a wooden box or a pile of magazines and stepping up and down will have the same effect, but be careful.

What fat burning exercises can be done indoors?

Often climb stairs

Jogging along the stairs is a good aerobic exercise. The specific method is: climb 6-12 steps at the fastest speed, rest for 2-3 minutes after each run, and insist on repeating this exercise continuously. If you want to exercise your legs, you can also try to skip one step at a time, so the weight loss effect will be better.

What fat burning exercises can be done indoors?

Note: You should exercise according to your own ability. Don't follow blindly. People who suffer from high blood pressure, cervical or lumbar disease, or who have recently undergone surgery should not practice difficult postures beyond their limits.