These techniques in yoga make your body more flexible

When practicing yoga, many people feel uncomfortable due to their stiffness and even feel that they are not suitable for yoga practice. In fact, this phenomenon is normal, because our body's movement is very small, and the body's joints will naturally become stiff. In addition, if you do not understand your physical condition at the beginning, you will feel uncomfortable during the exercise.

These techniques in yoga make your body more flexible

So, how do we practice yoga to make the body flexible? In fact, this requires a process and skills. Master the skills in this process, and soon you will discover the advantages you can use to adapt to practice.

In the process of practicing yoga, we can use the following 5 techniques to make our body become softer faster.

1. Set goals

Motivation has only goals! Before trying to soften, you must understand the purpose of softening? Is it necessary to achieve certain difficult postures, such as monkey posture and camel posture, or to relieve body pain (such as bending the back to relieve pressure and pressure on the back), or do baby postures and enjoy comfortable postures? Once you have a goal, focus on the present, give yourself confidence, and stimulate yourself. This will be the best guide in the process of softening the body!

2. Use better stretching postures to exercise flexibility

There are many ways to improve flexibility and provide many different postures. In addition, some postures can stretch more effectively than others and reach goals faster.

For example: the back of the thigh: fold forward, stretch backward, etc.; buttocks: beam angle, bird position, etc.; back: snake shape, upper dog shape, camel shape, arch shape; chest and shoulders: lizard pose, etc. Practice these asanas frequently. When you stretch these asanas, your body will slowly stimulate the stiff joints, making your body more flexible!

These techniques in yoga make your body more flexible

3. Practice more

Common questions about stretching and flexibility are: How often should I stretch? How long should I keep?

I also encountered these problems when I started stretching. But the real answer is: it varies from person to person. It depends on how fast you want to reach your goal, whether you feel sore when stretching, and how much time you need to invest.

Generally speaking, if you want to improve gradually, stretch at least three times a week. If you want quick results, you should work harder every day. Sometimes you can stretch for longer, but you should warm up first.

If the stretching time is to be effective, it is recommended to stretch each muscle for at least 30 seconds. If you can stretch a specific muscle group for at least 1 minute at a time, that is best. For example, my goal is to do the splits, so I have to spend at least 1 minute each stretch to make my thighs and hips flexible.

A few days before the stretch, you will feel some muscle soreness, but this is normal and indicates that your muscles have stretched. We need to make sure we proceed gradually. If it hurts too much, don't overstretch, otherwise you will need to rest for a few weeks or months.

4. Before and after taking pictures

Photos can witness my practice process. When I learn to cheat, I try to shoot once every two weeks or at my own pace. I find that my flexibility has been further improved. After seeing the contrast effect of the photo, I will not give up so easily. And I have improved a lot. I also become more motivated and make myself work harder.

These techniques in yoga make your body more flexible

5. Use auxiliary equipment

One of the aids is yoga clothes. Yoga clothes must be worn when practicing yoga. Professional yoga clothes can play a role in shaping the body, while yoga clothes with elastic and comfortable fabrics are suitable for free stretching.

One of the other aids is a yoga belt. It can help you perform asanas that you cannot do temporarily, maintain your posture, and finally slowly get rid of the yoga belt.

In addition, I would like to remind everyone that everyone's physique and situation are different. When practicing, do not compare with others or must achieve a certain effect. Yoga itself is to seek more fun for yourself and make your body and mind comfortable. Don't forget the original intention of yoga.