These 5 yoga poses can reduce fatigue before going to bed!

If you are already tired every day, it must be difficult to do more exercise at this time. Because who doesn't want to lie down comfortably? But the following 5 yoga asanas can also reduce your fatigue. Let's practice! 

Open straddle

Sitting in a sitting position, open your legs 90 degrees so that your toes and knees point towards the ceiling. Put your hands forward, lean forward, then hug a pillow, straighten your back as much as possible, and straighten your hips and straddles by leaning forward. This motion stretches for 30 seconds.

These 5 yoga poses can reduce fatigue before going to bed!


Lie on the sofa, put a pillow under your abdomen, put your face down, press your chin on the cushion, put your hands behind your back, and stretch your arms back. Exhale while raising your head and chest, keeping them as far away from the ground as possible. Do not put your weight on your arms, but stretch backwards so that you can exercise your back and abdomen. Hold this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute and breathe normally.

These 5 yoga poses can reduce fatigue before going to bed!

Supine angle

The soles of the feet are connected together and the knees are open. When you inhale, you feel the abdomen bulge, the chest expands and the diaphragm shrinks. When exhaling, feel the breath slowly passing through the back of the throat. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then breathe naturally.

Horizontal spinal torsion

Lie on the sofa with your legs bent, press the bent leg with your hands slowly to the left, hold for 30 seconds, and then breathe naturally. Then, slowly return to the bending leg movement and repeat on the other side.

These 5 yoga poses can reduce fatigue before going to bed!

Straight level

Lie on your back, relax your hands, place your hands on your sides, breathe slowly, and focus on breathing. Keep this position for 4-5 minutes, and then you can cover the bed with a blanket to prevent colds, or wear long tight yoga clothes, which can cover your belly and prevent colds. 

Life is always a mirror, reflecting our image. When we cry, life is crying to you. When we smile, life is smiling at you! If you are under stress and fatigued, we can practice these yoga poses more to help stabilize emotions, relieve stress, and make yourself a positive, optimistic and cheerful person!