Sports tips, how to prevent sports injuries?

Autumn is the golden season of physical exercise. Many schools will hold school sports games. For students who want to participate in the sports meeting, please pay attention to these sports skills when participating in the competition to prevent injuries during sports!

Sports tips, how to prevent sports injuries?

Auxiliary equipment

Before the competition, we need a set of equipment to help running, a sportswear, calf cover, professional running shoes and so on.

Sportswear is best to wear soft, comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbent fabrics, which can reduce air resistance and run smoother. The function of the calf cover is to stabilize the calf muscles, reduce shaking, and slow down the accumulation of lactic acid, which can effectively prevent calf cramps caused by running.

Before exercise

Before exercising, students should pay attention to maintaining a good sleep and controlling overeating and not drinking alcohol. And do a warm-up exercise before the game. This can increase muscle strength, elasticity and flexibility, while improving the function of joint ligaments, increasing the elasticity of ligaments, and increasing the synovial fluid in the joint cavity, thereby preventing muscle and ligament damage.

Sports tips, how to prevent sports injuries?

In motion

When doing sprint activities, please be careful not to cross the line, especially when sprinting, the body is very strong, the energy is highly concentrated, and the mental defense consciousness is not strong. Once they trip over each other, they are easily injured. In the middle and long distance running, pay attention to breathing, three steps one breath, three steps one breath. If you are short of breath and unable to breathe, please change to two steps, one exhale and two steps one inhale.
Note: Do not open your mouth wide, because opening your mouth will draw air into your belly and cause stomach pain. In order to increase lung ventilation during middle and long distance running, you should breathe with your mouth and nose at the same time. The breathing rhythm should match the running rhythm.

After exercise

After exercise, relaxation activities should be performed to restore physical strength and muscle strength as soon as possible. The method is to perform relaxing pats on various parts of the body, and two people work together to massage each other.

After the game, do not rest and drink a lot of water immediately, but insist on relaxing exercises, such as jogging, to gradually restore calm to the heart.

Sports tips, how to prevent sports injuries?

The school sports meeting is to show the students' infinite vitality, develop exercise habits, and make exercise bring health. The above common sense is not only common sense that should be paid attention to in school competitions. For our daily running or marathon, these common sense is also useful. Hope this helps you!