Practicing yoga has become an essential exercise for my home fitness.

Affected by the epidemic, I cannot exercise outside. Fitness at home has become an important way for me to maintain my health and improve my body's resistance. Practicing yoga in the living room is an essential exercise for my home fitness.

Every morning, I stand on my balcony and then practice yoga in the living room. While watching fitness instruction videos on TV, I do yoga exercises. It lasts 3 hours. Talking about the benefits of practicing yoga, it’s because my waist and cervical spine are not so good. Through these years of exercise, my waist and cervical spine are no longer painful, and my mentality is much better than before. Yoga has brought me many benefits. Next, I will share some common sense of practicing yoga at home.

Practicing yoga has become an essential exercise for my home fitness

1. Know Yoga

Before practicing at home, you must first understand what you are practicing and what it can bring you. If you don't even know what yoga is, your practice is like having the outside of yoga without the spirit of yoga, and ultimately you will not appreciate the joy of yoga.

2. Confirm the purpose

If you study yoga to improve a certain "hard injury" of your body, it is recommended to consult a teacher or read related yoga books for targeted exercises.

3. Yoga equipment

A yoga mat, a comfortable, skin-friendly and flexible yoga suit show your sexy figure, and you can exercise well. Barefoot yoga exercises can make you feel the operation of the earth and power more naturally.

4. Start with warming up

A very important point in yoga practice is to warm up at the beginning. For example, you can do the sun salutation or do some coherent movements to warm up. Warm-up exercises can help the body adapt to later movements that require greater stretching and endurance.

5. Asanas change from simple to complex, and time ranges from short to long

When you are just starting to practice, don't practice for an hour or two just to get started quickly-it will take too long for you and it will not help your persistence.

If you are just starting to practice yoga, the practice must be relatively simple, you can do some familiar and handy asanas, and constantly gain confidence, so that you can stick to it and challenge more difficult movements. After finishing the exercise, be sure to lie down and relax for at least 5 minutes. When relaxing, you can put on gentle yoga music to massage the brain nerves. As time goes by, your yoga experience becomes deeper and deeper, asanas do better and better, and the practice time can be extended to an hour and a half.