Practicing yoga correctly can improve lumbar disc protrusion!

A friend of mine is named coco. Five years ago, she suffered from two herniated discs. Now, she has become a yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga for five years and used practical actions to tell us the power of yoga to change the world!

In the past, she was often depressed and unhealthy diet leading to obesity. She hated her body and life even more, and she didn't know how to change. Negative thoughts filled her whole brain, no ray of light could be seen...

Practicing yoga correctly can improve lumbar disc protrusion!

With the care of her husband and family, coco finally wanted to make some changes in her life. After trying various sports, she found that yoga helped her the most. Since then, she has been practicing yoga for 5 years! And she herself is also recording the changes she has experienced over the years.

She also warned those people who suffer from lumbar disc herniation to avoid forward bending as much as possible when practicing yoga positions.

Practicing yoga correctly can improve lumbar disc protrusion!

For example: single-leg and double-leg back stretch pose, plow pose, etc. Because these postures involve flexible stretching, during forward bending, the back is easily arched up due to the flexibility of the back of the legs and the back spine. This will only violate the physiological bending of the lumbar curve and make the lumbar disc more backward. prominent. In addition, when doing other postures, try to keep your back straight up, so that you can improve poor posture such as hunchback and help protect the spine from damage.

If the back is always habitually arched and the chest is included, it is easier to aggravate the dislocation of the intervertebral disc. Moreover, it is better to wear professional yoga suits when practicing yoga, because the design of yoga clothes is designed in conjunction with the stretch of yoga itself, which can achieve the training effect. Although other sportswear is also comfortable and convenient, it is not It must be suitable for the stretch and quick-drying required by yoga sports.

Practicing yoga is actually a long process, and changes are not visible in a short while. Only after the test of time can you experience your own change firsthand. Coco said: "Yoga is no longer a word only related to the external appearance, but about who I am. Yoga is the warmest light in my heart." Now 35-year-old coco is the mother of two boys, and a family of four is full of happiness. She loves her body and life, and she has become  the most beautiful inverted yoga "girl"! This may be the secret of reverse growth.

Yoga can not only lose weight and shape, enhance flexibility, but also exercise people's willpower and relieve stress. Its benefits are really beyond your imagination! So, no matter which part of your life journey you are in today, please believe in yourself that we can change.

Note: It is recommended that patients with lumbar disc herniation must change their bad postures and habits in their daily life, and then find a professional yoga teacher to guide the practice under the advice of a doctor.