Practicing couple yoga like this can not only lose weight quickly, but also promote relationships!

Is it boring to practice yoga alone? The following set of yoga poses are suitable for exercising with your boyfriend. This group of couple yoga is more attractive and fulfilling than playing games and watching TV series!

  1. Magic chair variant + hand support handstand

This pair of poses is a test of the tacit understanding of the two. Long-term practice of this asana can exercise men's arms, shape perfect muscle lines, and promote women's blood circulation, which is very beneficial to physical and mental health and relaxation. If the man's arm strength and the woman's balance ability are not very strong, it is recommended not to practice to avoid unnecessary harm!

The man maintains a semi-squatting position, with the soles of his feet separated and shoulder-width apart, the upper torso is slowly tilted forward, and the woman's hand is placed above the man's thigh;

The woman adjusts the movement, the whole body is in the "down dog" position, the man holds both sides of the woman's waist with both hands, and the woman uses the man's power to quickly stretch her legs upward in an inverted state;

Keeping his balance, the man inhales and slowly lifts his whole body until he is in a squat position, both of them keep their arms straight.

Keep the action for 30 seconds, slowly return to the initial state, and repeat 5 times.

Practicing couple yoga like this can not only lose weight quickly, but also promote relationships!

  1. Wheel + inverted

In this asana group, there is not much contact between the body parts of the two people, but after the asana is completed, the two eyes facing each other will create a romantic feeling. At this moment, they blocked the noise and sorrow around them. The mentality will calm down!

Practicing couple yoga like this can not only lose weight quickly, but also promote relationships!

First, the boy lies on the ground, stretches his hands forward, keeps his elbows straight, adjusts his breathing, and then slowly raises his upper torso until he assumes a "downward dog" posture.

Bring your legs together and lift the soles of your feet slightly. The man uses the strength of the woman to slowly stretch his legs upwards, keeping his elbows straight, showing a perfect three-dimensional handstand posture;

The woman lies on the ground, slowly stretches her hands backwards, places her hands on both sides of her body, slowly draws her knees to one side, adjusts her breathing, and then slowly lifts her whole body upwards until her abdomen is slightly parallel to the ground;

Enjoy this moment, keep exercising for 30 seconds, and then repeat the exercise 5 times.

  1. Supine relaxation + down dog pose

The supine relaxation style perfectly blends with the sagging dog, creating a brilliant and beautiful scene! At the same time, long-term practice of this group of asanas can completely relax the body and mind, soothe the body and mind, and promote the training of the vest line at the same time!

Practicing couple yoga like this can not only lose weight quickly, but also promote relationships!

The person lies on his back on the ground, tightens his abdomen, bends his knees, and keeps his calves perpendicular to the ground.

The female stands behind the male’s head with her legs together, and then slowly stretches her whole body downwards until the female’s hands are above the male’s knees;

Movement adjustment. The man’s hand is slowly stretched upwards, maintaining a semi-bent state, the woman’s left and right legs are stretched upwards and placed on the man’s palm, using the strength of the arms to maintain balance;

Inhale, slowly straighten the lady's right leg upwards, hold the movement for 30 seconds, and then repeat the movement 5 times.


This group of couple yoga exercises will not only enhance the relationship between each other and enhance the tacit understanding, but also lay a solid foundation for your relationship! In the process of training, it is recommended to wear yoga clothes to exercise. Yoga clothes can reduce the resistance encountered during the exercise process, but also make your movements more convenient. Persistent yoga exercise will witness the process of getting better and better between each other, and there will be more sense of accomplishment and joy, so hurry up and practice with important people!