Of these 5 running training methods, there is always one suitable for you!

Running training plan is actually a matter of personal training. You need to choose the training method that suits you according to your age, physical health, working hours and location, and other conditions. Here are 5 common running training methods, let’s see which one is more suitable for you.

Of these 5 running training methods, there is always one suitable for you!

1. Aerobic endurance running

Aerobic endurance running, also known as long-distance endurance running, aims to improve the body's oxygen absorption capacity and muscle endurance for long-term exercise. At the same time, it also trains the body to use fat as an energy source. For ordinary runners, aerobic endurance is the most important basic exercise. Only after the competition has the foundation of endurance and muscle strength, they have the funds to carry out various advanced trainings and avoid injury or physical and mental fatigue.

The point of aerobic endurance running is to complete the scheduled mileage comfortably, and you don't need to care too much about speed. The fighting speed in the long-distance practice will only make you tired, and even affect the training of the next week; you can perform the last 1/3 warm-up at an average speed of 1/3, moderate practice, and perform the final in a gentle way 1/3. The first two-thirds of the pace should be comfortable and able to talk freely with runners. If the situation is good, the last 1/3 may be slightly faster.

2. Jogging

Jogging is a warm-up before practice. The purpose is to adapt the body to the rhythm of the upcoming practice or competition. At the same time, shorter distances and faster running speeds can also increase heart rate, relax muscles and allow reactions to occur. More sensitive.

After warming up before running and after dynamic stretching, find a straight line about 50 meters. Start with small and high strides. Gradually advance and accelerate to eight strength. Pay attention to movement and breathing during this process. Coordination, the focus is on brisk, steady and good running posture. After running 50 meters, slow down and return to the starting point. Repeat 3-5 times.

3. Run rhythmically

Traditional rhythmic running needs to be carried out at a higher speed, with an average speed of 6-12K, or continuous running for 20-60 minutes, but this kind of exercise causes a great burden on the body, and general runners should reach the predetermined speed . The exercise may last for several days, which will affect subsequent exercises, so you can use deformed and regular running, divide the training into several times, spread and rest between each time, wait until the heartbeat returns to 100-120 beats per minute Continue to the next trip.

Of these 5 running training methods, there is always one suitable for you!

4. Variable speed operation (Fartlek)

Most running exercises, activities or competitions are carried out at a specific speed with almost no speed changes. Variable speed running is to intersperse different speeds in a sport to improve the body's ability to adapt to the effects of different speeds. There are three types of variable speed operation:

Pyramid type:

Change the speed every 800 meters, the first half of the upper part will increase the speed first, and the second half of the slow part will decrease. For example, 1-2-3-2-1, 4 seconds; meaning 1 (4 minutes), 2 (3 minutes and 56 seconds), 3 (3 minutes and 52 seconds), 2 (3 minutes and 56 seconds), 1 (4 minutes), each time is adjusted to 4 seconds.

Alternative type:

The speed changes every 600 meters. For example, 1-2-1-2-1-2-1, 6 seconds; respectively means 1 (3 minutes), 2 (2 minutes 54 seconds).

Gravity type:

Reduce speed every 1500 meters. For example, 6 or 5 seconds; it means running six sets of 1500 meters, totaling 9K, the first 1500 meters is the muzzle speed, and thereafter the speed is reduced for 5 seconds every 1.5 kilometers.

5. Race speed running

As the name suggests, the purpose of speed running is to adapt the body to the speed of the game and develop a sense of rhythm in the game. The practice method is to run multiple runs at a fixed distance at the same speed, such as 3Kx3, which means to continue running for 3 kilometers at the rhythm of the competition, with enough rest in between, until the next run is available.

Of these 5 running training methods, there is always one suitable for you!

If you feel relaxed and easy to master speed running, your regular training is effective. If you run very hard and cannot perform this operation in the future, the status is incorrect.

It is very important to choose a running training method that suits you, and the choice of wearing equipment is also very important. When running, you must wear professional, flexible and suitable sportswear, so that running will be smoother. Finally, choose a running training method that suits you. Turn it into a long-term exercise~ it will do more with less!