Keep these good habits, your yoga will definitely do well!

Self-disciplined yoga practitioners regard yoga as a necessity of their daily life, so what good yoga habits do self-disciplined yogis have? Most of them have the following characteristics.

Keep these good habits, your yoga will definitely do well!

1.non-comparative posture
In yoga practice, you will find that many senior people can easily conceal various asanas, but please remember that everyone’s physical condition is different, and yoga is not a difficult asana "competition". You only need to practice as much as possible. Do your best and enjoy the process of yoga.

Keep these good habits, your yoga will definitely do well! understanding of yoga

For daily yoga practice, it is recommended to dig deeper into the deeper knowledge of yoga, such as: understanding the correct strength of each asana, how to position and sequence, and the professional yoga clothing to wear when practicing yoga, how to choose fabrics and collocations Knowing these will not only help you avoid injury, but also knowing these will help you go further in yoga.

3. Don’t bring your cell phone

Many people carry their mobile phones into the classroom. In fact, doing so will distract your attention. It is recommended that you finish dealing with things before preparing for the class and let yourself be more focused on this class, which can improve your practice effect.

4. Do not neglect the rest technique

Many people don’t do rest techniques. In fact, through ten minutes of rest techniques, you can relax your body and mind, relieve fatigue, make you feel comfortable, energetic, and balance your energy. Don’t ignore it!

5. Don't eat one hour before yoga

It is best not to eat for an hour before practicing yoga, because eating before class will affect the efficiency of practice. Yoga has many asanas involving twisting and forward bending. Eating before class can easily increase the burden on the stomach and cause dizziness and nausea!

6. Healthy eating

A healthy diet has a great influence on practicing yoga. Yoga diet advocates staying away from fried foods and eating more colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. This will not only keep your body healthy, but also you will feel your body becomes lighter during practice.

7. When practicing yoga, you must maintain awareness of the body.

Keep these good habits, your yoga will definitely do well!

Yoga is not simply stretching the body or recessing various asanas. Yoga practice is to be fully aware of the body, and only with awareness can you feel the position and alignment of the asana. Increasing awareness can not only keep your body upright and avoid yoga injuries, but it can also make you progress faster in yoga practice.

Yoga spirit is not just 2-3 hours of practicing on the mat, but 24 hours of spiritual life with the concept of yoga.