Is there any way to relieve backache and back pain?

I have been working for 5 years. It is normal to sit in the office every day. Although this is a normal thing, the consequence is back pain and backache, which has affected my normal life. If you also often experience backache and back pain, then you must pay attention, because this may cause more serious problems. I have a few tips to share with friends to help you relieve pain.

Is there any way to relieve backache and back pain?

Method 1: Squat and stretch back muscles

The root cause of our back pain is that we keep moving, and the muscles are also in a state of tension and static. After a long time, we will definitely be tired. The easiest way is to squat and leave the seat to stretch the lower back muscles. This action does not require much space and time, but it is still very effective for relieving soreness.

Method 2: Kneel and stretch back muscles

This method has certain requirements for the location and time of the exercise, and everyone can do it after get off work. On a yoga mat or bed, we must first kneel on it, and then arch our back upwards to form an arch, so that our back can be fully stretched, thereby relaxing the back muscles very well. You can also do this periodically. (When practicing this movement, it is better to wear tight yoga clothes. Yoga clothes are soft and elastic, and can absorb perspiration. The movement stretches freely and comfortably during practice, and the effect is better)

Method 3: Turn around and exercise

This exercise can lie down or stand up. If you are standing, you can do it in the office. Standing up and turning the waist will have a good stretching effect on the muscles of the back and sides.

In addition to the above methods, we should also pay attention to the following issues:

Note 1: Avoid sedentary sitting

If it is because of work, we can spend time drinking a glass of water or going for a walk in the bathroom. This is still very good for the muscles, at least we don't have to be in a tense state.

Is there any way to relieve backache and back pain?

Note 2: Exercise your back muscles when you have time

We can exercise the endurance of the lower back muscles outside of work. Lower back pain is more because our muscle strength and muscle endurance are too poor to withstand prolonged tension. Therefore, if we exercise, it will reduce our back pain.

Is there any way to relieve backache and back pain?

Note 3: Pay attention to diet, work and rest

Many times, our diet is the most important to our health. Pay attention to nutritional intake and low-fat foods, and ensure adequate water intake. In terms of work and rest, we should pay more attention to going to bed and getting up early to avoid staying up late. Often staying up late is really harmful to the body.

Summary: Avoiding back pain at work is very difficult, but it is not impossible. As long as we can actively make adjustments, this phenomenon can be quickly improved.