How to wear beautiful but not embarrassing underwear?

In your life, have you ever been troubled by breasts, whether you are a girl with big breasts or small breasts, girls with small breasts like me will envy girls with big breasts because they look beautiful, but my friends Envy my small chest. Because she feels that small breasts make people look free and comfortable. But now I think whether your breasts are big or small, choosing underwear that suits you will make you look more beautiful. The question is how do we wear beautiful and not embarrassing underwear? The following properties and corresponding methods hope to help you.


If you wear underwear with underwire for a long time, the underwire will turn out and pierce your chest. This means that the underwear is deformed and the underwear rim will penetrate the fabric. In this case, it is recommended to discard it and buy frameless underwear so that you can wear it comfortably, comfortably and will not be caught.

How to wear beautiful but not embarrassing underwear?

Wearing a one-shoulder dress, where are the bra straps?

One-shoulder clothes look beautiful, but bras with shoulder straps are awkward, and it is still obvious to change the transparent belt. Take it off, it feels unsafe. Therefore, we can remove the shoulder strap from one side and the front head of the shoulder strap from the other side, wrap it around the chest, and then hang it behind the shoulder strap buckle at the other end. This is safer and will not affect the appearance. 

How to hide the bra strap when wearing a sleeveless vest?

In the summer, wearing a beautiful sleeveless vest, the bra straps were exposed, which was an eyesore. It was just stuffed in and came out after a while.

At this point, you only need a paper clip, fix it on a shoulder strap, and then pull the two shoulder straps together and fix it on the paper clip to hide the shoulder strap of the bra.

What should I do if the shoulder strap of the underwear hurts meat?

Some bras look very good, but the straps are also easy to scratch. At this time, we took out a band-aid and pasted the adhesive surface under the shoulder strap to effectively avoid being cut by the shoulder strap. 

Whether you are a girl with big breasts or a girl with small breasts, you can wear high-quality underwear and appropriate underwear to show your charm. If you encounter the above situation, you can use the method I introduced to complete.