How to place and maintain underwear?

Putting the underwear in the closet at will will deform the underwear, which is not only ugly, but also affects the wearing. Therefore, we need to place and maintain the underwear. Good underwear has a long service life and wears like a part of the body.

How to place and maintain underwear?

1. Since the undried bra is easy to breed bacteria, please make sure that the underwear is completely dry when storing the bra.

2. The place where underwear is stored should be dry and ventilated. Long-term storage of underwear in a humid place will also shorten the life of underwear.

3. When storing underwear, please stay away from mosquito repellent, because it will affect the elasticity of underwear and make it yellow and deteriorate. Therefore, avoid unnecessary damage to the underwear fabric.

4. Underwear needs to have a separate storage space, please do not put it together with other clothing, so as to avoid deformation of the underwear due to excessive compression. Female friends with conditions can prepare an underwear storage cabinet to store underwear.

5. During the storage process, you need to carefully fold the underwear one by one, or fold the bra and bra, so as not to damage the original breast shape.

How to place and maintain underwear?

Because the underwear material is soft and slender, do not use excessive force when putting on and taking off the underwear. When you meet your favorite underwear, you can buy more underwear, and wearing them alternately can also extend the life of underwear.