How to find yoga that suits your body shape?

People usually think that yoga practitioners are slim, fit and flexible, and can perform yoga exercises on any type of body. However, each different yoga style is usually better for a specific body type. Knowing which yoga practice is best for your body type will ensure that you have a positive experience and achieve greater success in your practice.

  1. Hot Yoga

If your body is inherently weak, you are more likely to be inclined to or tolerate warmth. Hot yoga is a challenging style performed in a heated room (usually at a temperature of 100 degrees or higher). If your muscles are very tight, then this kind of yoga practice is also beneficial because the heat can help you stretch deeper into the yoga pose. Sometimes heating courses are conducted in front of the mirror, these courses are more popular among young people. If you want to increase muscle mass, you can take the popular vinyasa or hot flow yoga class. (Note: It is recommended to wear yoga clothes when practicing yoga. The reason is that yoga clothes are more elastic and breathable than the clothes we wear daily, and are more suitable for yoga exercises.)

How to find yoga that suits your body shape?

  1. Ashtanga

Ashtanga Yoga is an exercise method that uses breathing flow to move between a series of fixed yoga poses. Ashtanga is very suitable for slim figures because it is based on the order of saluting the sun, and these poses require strength and flexibility. The limit of exercise can be reached only through the body. It is fast-paced and designed to strengthen your upper muscles. It focuses on balance and flexibility.

How to find yoga that suits your body shape?

  1. Hatha Yoga

The ordinary multi-level hatha yoga class is more gentle and is one of the best yoga practice for beginners. Traditionally, Hatha Yoga paid little attention to the development and perfection of postures, while modern methods rarely used the traditional practices of Prana, mudra and Banda. Hatha yoga is great for medium-sized bodies because they have the ability and flexibility to perform all or most yoga poses.

How to find yoga that suits your body shape?

  1. Iyengar

Iyengar is a strict yoga genre, and its slow, static form is best for short, fat bodies. Obese people need to use yoga props. The yoga teacher will ask you to use many yoga aids, such as yoga bricks, stretching bands and yoga blankets. The teacher will confirm your standards for each action. Iyengar Yoga is very suitable for research. Those who perform detailed yoga movements and standard yoga movements can avoid sports fatigue and other accidents caused by incorrect postures in the course of learning yoga.

How to find yoga that suits your body shape?

  1. Yin Yoga

In order to counteract the tight muscles of the exercise body, it is recommended that you use Yin Yoga. This yoga practice focuses entirely on slow deep stretching and relaxation. Yin Yoga mainly uses the floor position of stretching the lower body to gently open the hips, pelvis, buttocks, inner thighs and waist. Your yoga instructor will guide you to maintain each asana for a few minutes while maintaining depth and conscious breathing and relaxation. This slow-motion yoga is usually performed in a yoga classroom at 26.7-32.2 degrees Celsius (80-90 degrees Fahrenheit). The heat will open up the muscles and become more flexible, making the doctor's body softer. When the action lasts for 3 minutes, most of the time the body is exhausted, and the extra 2 minutes is a challenge to the body and willpower. After the Yin Yoga class, you will feel inner peace and introspection.

How to find yoga that suits your body shape?Our body shape is affected by many uncontrollable factors, including genetics and surrounding environment. Through continuous practice, yoga can change your body shape.