How to choose a comfortable and personalized sportswear suit?

The arrival of summer also indicates that it is time to start losing weight. Now, every night I insist on exercising and fitness. The first thing I do when I return to the dormitory after work is to change into sportswear and go to the park to exercise. Wearing comfortable and personalized sportswear is also one of my motivations for fitness. Generally, I would choose a relaxing sports suit, which will not feel constrained and cumbersome. Besides, it has a breathable and sweat-wicking sports suit, which not only doubles the pleasure of exercise, but also keeps people dry. For example, the sportswear suit I recently wore.

Black elastic top with loose shorts with side zipper pockets. The loose shorts have elastic waistbands. The side zipper pockets are convenient for me to store mobile phones and keys, so I don’t have to worry about losing my mobile phone or keys. It is convenient and practical. The most important point is that it has a reflective effect, which can improve the visual visibility of clothes in dim light at night, so that I can run at night with peace of mind. With a pair of comfortable sports shoes, I will soon enter the state of exercise.

This suit is matched according to my own preferences. It is simple and yet personal, but it is my daily exercise fun. I share it with you. Of course, good sportswear may not only be worn during exercise. It is also Can be used as a daily casual wear!