How much do you know about these 5 types of yoga practice methods?

Nowadays, many people like yoga because of its many health benefits, but many people do not understand yoga. The reason is that people can easily listen to half of the content and easily ignore the other half. Then operate according to your own incomplete or wrong concept. This has led to yoga not fully achieving the effect of physical and mental exercise. The following 5 yoga practice methods hope to help you!

  1. Traditional Hatha Yoga

When practicing, you should control your breathing, and practice slowly while breathing deeply, and stay still for a period of time.

Efficacy: Promote physical health, clear consciousness, self-understanding, control stress and produce happiness.

How much do you know about these 5 types of yoga practice methods?

  1. Ashtanga

Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient yoga training method with higher intensity. It is also called energy yoga because it focuses on the state of energy flow in the body. It has strict requirements in five areas: Ujjayi pranayama throat breathing, Bandha convergence method, Drishti gaze point, Vinyasa flow program, Asana specific asanas.

Ashtanga Yoga has a fixed arrangement of asanas, and there are quite fixed requirements for breathing control in each asana practice. Paying attention to breathing in certain asanas can improve breathing quality. At the same time, by observing specific points to adjust the breathing state, the eye muscles can be exercised, and the concentration ability that is difficult to achieve in daily life can be improved. This is very helpful to eliminate scattered thoughts and emotions.

How much do you know about these 5 types of yoga practice methods?

  1. Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Emphasize the continuity of posture. The duration of each posture is short, but the posture keeps changing dynamically. It focuses more on strength, flexibility and endurance training, especially strength and endurance training. At the same time pay attention to the coordination of breathing. The connection between asanas makes people feel a breath.

The conversion between asanas is mainly done through some movements in the sun salute

Pose combination: This sequence is similar to Ashtanga Yoga, but you can create a combination according to the situation. It emphasizes the harmony between exercise and breathing, with beautiful and flexible posture, and basically adopts the ujayi breathing method, that is, throat breathing.

How much do you know about these 5 types of yoga practice methods?

Efficacy: This yoga pose is suitable for those who have a little yoga foundation, because its movements are relatively coherent, so those who practice a little yoga will be easier to master the flow of the movements, and will not make breathing chaotic in order to follow the coach pace. It can make the body balance between strength and flexibility. At the same time, it also improves cardiovascular function. After practicing smooth asanas, it really makes the whole person feel refreshed.

  1. Iyengar 

With the help of obstacles, chairs, carpets and seat belts and other auxiliary equipment, the accuracy of each posture is emphasized so that practitioners can safely and effectively perform various postures freely in the following situations: These devices enable practitioners to pose Have a deeper understanding of the practice, so that ordinary people can also experience the essence of yoga asanas.

How much do you know about these 5 types of yoga practice methods?

For beginners, practitioners with weak flexibility and endurance, and practitioners who cannot participate in high-intensity sports due to minor sports injuries, IYENGAR Yoga is a good entry choice, and other practitioners can also learn from its methods. To improve the quality of yoga positions. In addition, if you are a little tired, you can choose this tool-based exercise combination. It can help you regain energy and vitality while exercising.

  1. Yin Yoga 

Ordinary yoga is usually called yang yoga because it is mainly used to tighten muscles. Many exercises are mainly used to stretch and strengthen muscles, while yin yoga requires the mind to focus on the joints that are moving. What can stretch the muscles is The connecting tissues and joints between the bones.

How much do you know about these 5 types of yoga practice methods?

The exercise of Yin Yoga takes a long time to maintain, usually about 3 minutes, it is under this maintenance that deep stretching can be achieved. Yin yoga exercises are mainly concentrated on the upper thighs, below the waist area, and concentrated on the hips, pelvis and cross joints. These exercise positions are generally not easy to exercise.


Since yoga emphasizes personal progress, you should not compare yourself with anyone when you practice yoga. Perhaps the training process is a bit worse than other flexible body positions, but you will not get less benefits than them, because your physical conditions are different. As long as you practice regularly, you will find your own progress. It is recommended It is best to wear elastic and tight-fitting yoga clothes during the training process, so that you can exercise better and can see the position of your muscles during exercise.