How do yoga beginners find suitable yoga for them?

Although there are many things to learn, discover and explore in the tradition of yoga, it is best to start simple and not let yourself be overwhelmed. Beginners can start with these 4 basic steps of yoga.

How do yoga beginners find suitable yoga for them?

There are 4 basic steps to getting started in yoga:

One, learn to breathe

In daily life, due to body posture, especially people with round shoulders and hunched back, breathing is more or less problematic. For beginners, you can practice some of the simplest and common breathing methods (such as abdominal breathing, Chest breathing), first adjust your wrong breathing method, and then bring the correct breathing method into the asana.

How do yoga beginners find suitable yoga for them?

  1. Start with a brief meditation

Meditation is a key part of the daily practice process. Yoga meditation can improve the way your body functions, and the entire meditation process can also make your inner heart more peaceful. So what is meditation? Before answering this question, let's do a simple exercise.

  1. Sit cross-legged naturally. If you cannot sit cross-legged comfortably, place your back against the wall and put your legs close together. In short, sit comfortably.
  2. Keep your back straight, sink and relax your shoulders, place your hands naturally, and close your eyes.
  3. Inhale, deliberately inhale deeply, and slowly count 1, 2, 3, and 4. Pause briefly, exhale, deliberately control the speed, and count 1, 2, 3, and 4. Also pause and inhale again, so that the inhalation and exhalation time are roughly the same.
  4. Take 10 such breaths, and then slowly open your eyes.

After 10 deep breaths like this, for a moment, in the short period of time, did you just concentrate on your inhalation and exhalation? Such a state of concentration, that is, the state of focusing your mind in one place, is meditation.

How do yoga beginners find suitable yoga for them?

  1. Use simple and easy yoga poses to practice

Practicing yoga is not to do difficult movements, but to gain health. Before trying any yoga posture, we can start with one of the warm-up sequences, such as: sitting twist, cat, dog, lower dog, child, cobra, mountain, triangle, front bending and other postures. The minimalist yoga movements are not as cool as the difficult asanas. To achieve the simple asanas to the extreme is also a different kind of beauty, and there is no need to put your body in danger. Standing, sitting and walking are very helpful!

How do yoga beginners find suitable yoga for them?

  1. End with shavasana (relaxed posture)

Beginners practicing yoga must always end their yoga practice with Shavasana. We can lean on our back and relax consciously for 5 to 15 minutes. It is recommended to do a short meditation after Shavasana to integrate your yoga practice and transition back to the world.

Tips for beginners:

When we first practice yoga the first few times, we usually feel unfamiliar, and this will pass with time and practice. When finding a foothold in your posture and breathing, it is important to be kind and compassionate to yourself. And when practicing yoga, it is best to wear professional elastic and comfortable yoga suits to practice, which will help you to relax your body and mind during the practice.