How can I practice the splits?

In my eyes, people who think they can do the splits easily are really cool. And most people who can do the splits easily are light and beautiful. The whole person is full of vitality and looks very enviable. Therefore, my idea for this exercise was born, but how do I perform the exercise correctly with the seemingly simple splits?

Therefore, I went to the Internet to learn how to practice the splits. After understanding, I found that the splits belong to the main points of yoga. Yoga poses are the basis of the splits, so the splits can be completed easily and accurately. This requires a gradual process. Friends who want to learn, the following yoga poses can help you practice the splits correctly.

1. Butterfly pose

Enter a sitting position, bend the knees of your legs, and put your calves back in front of your body.

The soles of the feet need to be closed. Ten fingers of both hands must be closed and the soles of the feet must be grasped.

Press down the left and right knees as slowly as possible, keeping your waist straight.

Open your chest forward, close your eyes, and feel the stretch of your hips and groin.

If your body is flexible enough, you can straighten your arms and cross your fingers.

This asana should start with simple movements, stretching the hips and groin to make them soft and flexible, which is the prerequisite for practicing the splits. At the same time, it can also eliminate people's impatience, so as to better feel the fun of asanas.

How can I practice the splits?

2. Demi God Monkey

Enter from the downward dog position, inhale, and step on between your hands with your left foot.

Exhale, step on your right knee, then step on the ground, let your left heel step on the ground.

Let your right thigh be perpendicular to the ground and stretch backwards.

Raise your head, point your fingertips to the ground, and keep your eyes looking forward to the ground.

Keep your body stable, feel your legs stretch, and keep your breathing stable.

After holding for a few seconds, inhale and raise your head, then press your palms on the ground.

Exhale, place your toes on the ground, straighten your front feet backwards, return to the position of the "descent dog", and then repeat the exercise on the other side.

The front ankle should be hooked back so that you can stretch the back muscles of your legs. Do not press hard on the knee joint. This will not only overstretch the knee joint, but also weaken the stretching force at the back of the thigh.

How can I practice the splits?

3. Stand up and bend forward

The mountain begins to enter, and the legs are separated.

Inhale, straighten your arms, and raise your head.

Exhale, fold your hips down from your hips, and then press your hands on your heels.

Keep breathing steady during exercise. Hold for 15 seconds and restore your body to the standing high mountain position.
Before practicing the splits, you can use one-leg stretch posture as a warm-up exercise.

Sit upright with your upper body upright and stretch your right leg to the right side of your body.

Grasp the back of the head with your left hand and left hand, and keep breathing naturally.

After holding for 15 seconds, straighten your left leg and open it to the left side of your body as much as possible.

Straighten the sole of the foot and bend the right foot to the right so that the heel is close to the bottom of the left groin.

Before practicing the splits, the one-leg side extended position can be used as a warm-up.

How can I practice the splits?

Reminder: Before practicing yoga, you should wear comfortable and professional yoga clothes to practice. This will not only wick away sweat quickly, but also help you to perform yoga movements. If there is no suitable yoga clothes, some of the larger movements will not be done properly, and the effect will be poor. If you can practice these movements well, then completing the splits is not difficult for you. You don’t have to envy others anymore.