How can I exercise better at home?

Due to the pandemic virus, fitness has been interrupted many times. This means I have to move from the gym to my home to exercise. So I find a place at home where I can exercise. As long as I have enough space for the mat and can wave my arms in front of and behind myself, this is sufficient for most exercises. If you can't do it, please don't emphasize it. No matter how much space you have, you can work normally. So how can we better exercise at home?

How can I exercise better at home?


If you don't have a comprehensive home gym, you will not be able to buy barbells and aerobic exercise equipment. But we can buy cheap yoga mats and yoga balls, and it takes up almost no space. Put on the breathable elastic yoga clothes that you usually wear in the gym. These should help you complete most home exercises.

Arrange a time

Apart from the time that best suits your energy level and lifestyle, there is actually no "best" exercise time. If you are an early riser, please exercise in the morning. If you have the highest energy at night, exercise at night. I also recommend that you plan your exercise first in order to remember the exercise time.

Don't skip warm up

The most important thing before exercise is to warm up, even if it takes two minutes to warm up. If you do yoga exercises or vigorous squats at the beginning, this may cause muscle stiffness, so you should warm up before exercising. Warming up can make blood flow, warm your muscles (muscles in the literal sense), and help your body relax and exercise so as not to hurt yourself.

This is a difficult time for everyone, we are all doing our best. But exercise can help improve mood, so you can gain motivation and feel energetic.