Have you used these swimming equipment?

In summer, many people gradually turn to swimming. Some people will go swimming in the river, but in some places, if it rains frequently, the water quality is not good. Before the popularization of indoor swimming pools, swimming has gradually become a whole year of children's swimming enlightenment, ordinary people's swimming exercises, women's favorite water fitness and water group activities, which have become the four major themes of today's swimming pools. 

At the same time, in addition to the split and one-piece swimsuits, goggles and lifebuoys that we are very familiar with, modern swimming has also derived many equipment and services with different themes. This week, let's take a look at these creative pool equipment.

Children's enlightenment

The necessary stage for children to learn to swim is the first wading. This is the first time that children enter the water to experience the buoyancy of water. With the company of their parents or swimming coaches, they can enjoy first-hand movements in the water and then begin to enjoy themselves. Playing in the water. But as children spend more time playing in the water, they will gradually desire to go deep into the water. Since then, learning to swim has entered the stage of diving and exploration. Children must learn to hold their breath, get rid of foot support, sink their bodies, and observe the underwater world.

Have you used these swimming equipment?

Therefore, in addition to adding basic equipment such as swimming rings, armbands and swimming vests, in order to increase the fun of underwater exploration, the reporter also found a set of swimming inspiration equipment called "3D underwater darts", including three different styles the weight of. Among them, the yellow dart can float in sleep, the red dart can sink quickly, and the sinking speed of the green dart is slower than the red dart. In use, children begin to explore different underwater depths to catch the sunken darts, and learn to open their eyes while holding their breath.

Aqua fitness class

I don't know when people started talking about water fitness. Due to the buoyancy and resistance of water, this kind of aerobic exercise in water has the advantages that land exercise cannot replace. The first is buoyancy, because water can carry 70%-80% of the body weight, whether it is overweight people, people with back or joint problems, or even pregnant women. In the process of water fitness, the body will not be stressed by regular sports. At the same time, with the help of water resistance, the same action is completed, and the effect in the water is greater.

Thus, aquatic aerobics push-pull devices came into being. The push-pull device designed by fluid mechanics, if you hold it in your hand, push and pull back and forth with the help of waterproof function, you can achieve the effect of exercising the upper body. At the same time, the push-pull device can also be used in combination with aquatic fitness bands and underwater fitness shoes to perform aerobic exercises, such as jogging in the water, so as to achieve the effect of exercising the lower body. Friends who have used this set of water fitness tools told me that the resistance of water can be clearly felt when the push-pull equipment is held in the hand. If you are jogging in the water with fitness shoes, it will first fall backward due to the unstable center of gravity. When jogging, you need to have some control over your abdominal muscles. If you wear a belt, you can provide good back support and increase buoyancy, but after a period of aerobic exercise, you will still feel a little soreness in the abdominal muscles. This should be a good plastic tool.

Have you used these swimming equipment?

Swimming training

Different from recreational water fitness, for people who take swimming as a certain lifestyle for swimming training, they pay more attention to the massage effect of hydrostatic pressure on body tissues while consuming energy, hoping to adopt faster and more effective training methods to effectively promote blood Circulation, improve cardiopulmonary function and basal metabolic rate.

In order to meet the needs of these people, it is indispensable to increase the propulsion force and forward speed in the water or swim gloves to exercise arm muscles. At the same time, you can also use the pull buoy to help exercise the upper body muscles during training. It is understandable that this eight-shaped leg splint, with one big end and the other small end, can reduce fatigue during swimming by increasing buoyancy. According to personal preference, if the larger end is clamped on the back during use, the buoyancy generated will be smaller, otherwise the buoyancy will be slightly larger. The design of the buoy conforms to the principles of human anatomy and will not move when swimming, so the lower body is firmly fixed, achieving the purpose of exercising the abdomen and abdomen.