Entry-level Yin Yoga moves can reduce fatigue and stress

 What is Yin Yoga? What we usually mean is to maintain a static posture for 5 minutes, close your eyes, slow down, balance the yin and yang, and at the same time calm the meridians, keep calm, and feel a new self in the continuous subtle asana adjustments. This is Yin Yoga. Today, I will share with you some of the best entry-level Yin Yoga exercises for beginners. Perseverance can not only fully stretch the body, but also effectively relieve back pain. Most importantly, it can make your body and mind softer, release stress and fatigue, and fill your body with energy. Let's practice!

  1. Basic relaxation (for 5 minutes)

Tilt the yoga bricks and pillows to create a slope

Make the bottom end approximately in the middle of the mat

Sit in front of the pillow, relax yourself, lie on the pillow

Pillow supports the head with hands on the abdomen or near the body

Legs can be stretched or bent

  1. Support and twist type (3 minutes on each side)

 Turn around to face the left side of the mat

Place the left hip on the edge of the cushion

Bend your legs for optimal comfort

You can put a blanket under your knees or ankles

When turning to the left, place your left hand and forearm on the floor to the left of the pillow

Place your right hand and forearm on the floor on the right

Lean your abdomen and chest on the pillow, and lean your left cheek on the pillow

  1. Sit down and bend forward (5 minutes)

Turn your body to face the long side of the cushion, then put the pillow in front of your body

Bend the knees and make the feet wider than the hips

Your feet are about two feet from your hips

Put the pillow between your feet and tilt your pelvis forward

Keep the length of the waist, put your forehead on the pillow

You can also straighten your legs on the ground

When posing, slowly raise the pillow

Gently stretch the spine and straighten the legs

  1. Sphinx (duration 5 minutes)

 Lie on your stomach, stretch your legs, put a pillow on the pillow

Place your forearms on the floor in front of the pillow

Check for slight pressure on the lower back

If you are nervous, remove the pillow

Bend your elbows to the sides and place your forehead on your hands

  1. Support breaststroke (last 5 minutes)

 Place your hands under your shoulders and gently compact the ground

Open your knees and place the pillow lengthwise between your knees

Sit on the hips of high heels, then put your body on the pillow

Then come to support the baby's posture

Slowly stretch your legs towards the frog support position

Keep your calves parallel to your knees and ankles

You can also put a blanket or towel under your knees or ankles to relieve discomfort

  1. Fish style (for 5 minutes)

 Place the pillow one third horizontally from the top of the cushion

Support the lower back when lying down

The top of the cushion rests on the top of the shoulder blade

The head or back can be placed on the mat

Open arms or place hands on abdomen

Legs can be stretched and bent


For pregnant women and trainees with serious health problems, advice from professional doctors should be sought. (Health problems include: joint damage, recent surgery, diabetes, cardiovascular disease (especially high blood pressure), etc.

Do not eat for at least 1 to 2 hours before practicing Yin Yoga. Give yourself some time after meals to help digestion.


Before practicing, we prepare yoga mats, yoga bricks, blankets, etc. so that we can use them during training. Also wear flexible and comfortable yoga clothes for practice, so as not to be restrained.