Do you understand these wrong ways to wear underwear?

Breasts are very important to our women. The wrong way of wearing underwear is not conducive to our breast health, and may also lead to breast disease. So what are the ways to wear the wrong underwear and how to avoid it?

Underwear straps are too tight

Wearing tight underwear will cause shoulder discomfort and the underwear will move upward. When the underwear moves upward, it will directly compress the breast tissue. At this time, we have to buy underwear with steel rings to fix it, and prevent the breasts from sagging. Underwear will not move upwards during exercise.

Do you understand these wrong ways to wear underwear?

Move the breasts together from outside to inside

Some friends move the breasts together from the outside to the inside while wearing underwear. This approach is wrong. This will affect the return of lymph, thereby promoting the metabolic rate and producing a large amount of toxins in the breast alveoli.

Wear underwear for more than 12 hours

Wearing underwear for more than 12 hours without adjusting the shoulder straps in time can have a risk of breast cancer as high as 70%. Therefore, if you are at home or in non-public places, you can choose not to wear underwear.

Excessive underwear can cause breast deformation

In order to make the breasts look bigger, some friends choose underwear that is one size larger, which will cause the breasts to sag for a long time. In fact, our breasts are very delicate. If they are slightly impacted or squeezed, the breast tissue will be stretched. Therefore, we have to choose the right underwear, which can maintain the shape and stability of the breasts, and also reflect the beauty of the shape.

 Do you understand these wrong ways to wear underwear?


Our breasts are very delicate organs, so we must take protective measures and choose appropriate size underwear. Also, don't do strenuous exercise during menstruation and choose the correct way of wearing.