Do you know these hazards hidden by your side?

Nowadays, many women choose sexy lingerie to show their beautiful breasts, but sexy lingerie requires some tight straps. Moreover, a tight underwear strap will affect the body, especially breast health.

What is the harm if the shoulder straps are too tight?

  1. The symptoms of cervical spondylosis are similar to heart disease

In fact, the shoulder straps of our women's underwear are also related to the cervical spine. I have read a piece of news before that a working woman who wears tight underwear straps will feel dizzy, chest tightness and other sensations, similar to chest angina. Studies have shown that in recent years, many young patients aged 20 to 30 have gone to the orthopedics department to see cervical spondylosis. All causes of cervical spondylosis are attributable to long-term computer office use, incorrect driving posture, and watching TV on the pillow before going to bed. The symptoms caused by cervical spondylosis are not only shoulder and neck pain and numbness in the hands, but also many symptoms similar to heart disease.

 Do you know these hazards hidden by your side?

  1. Too tight bra straps will accelerate the onset of cervical spondylosis

How can women prevent disease? The principles of all cervical spondylosis are basically similar. Maintaining the posture for a long time will make the cervical spine muscles highly tense and unable to relax. At the same time, long-term fatigue of the shoulders and neck can also cause poor blood circulation and accelerate muscle aging. If this situation continues, muscle toughness will be weakened, and the ability to stretch and protect the cervical spine will also be lost. As a result, cervical spine diseases will easily occur.


It cannot be said that tight underwear straps will cause cervical spondylosis, but it can be said that too tight underwear straps will accelerate the onset of cervical spondylosis. In this case, we can buy underwear that can adjust the elastic straps, so that the underwear straps should not be adjusted too tightly. The etiology of any disease is very complicated and caused by many factors. As long as it is a detrimental factor to health, everyone should try to avoid it.