Do you have a common misunderstanding about abdominal training?

How to solve the trouble of having abdominal muscles and mermaid line but having a lot of belly fat? Perhaps you have searched on the Internet, and you will also see various training activities and plans. Even after a long period of practice, it was not successful in the end!

The reason is that there are too many pits, not only can not get the effect, but also may harm your body. Let us see if you fall into these misunderstandings while exercising your abs.

Do you have a common misunderstanding about abdominal training?

Myth 1: Clear abs must be healthy

For most women, a healthy body fat rate is between 20% and 30%, but within this body fat rate range, the abdominal muscles may not be obvious. Therefore, some people go on a diet because "the belly is clear enough." In fact, this view is wrong. Women may even have menstrual disorders and endocrine problems.

Recommendation: It is better to exercise the abdominal muscles on the basis of keeping the method correct and healthy. There must be a fixed timetable in life, and proper exercise and healthy diet.

Misunderstanding 2: If you want to see the abdominal muscles, just practice the abdomen is enough.The abdominal muscles only appear when the body fat rate drops to a certain level.

Is it useful to exercise only the abdomen? The answer is useless! Due to fat loss and fat loss, fat loss must be systemic, and only exercise the abdomen, such as sit-ups, which can stimulate the abdominal muscles, not fat. Muscle and fat are two different human tissues.

Therefore, if you want to develop good-looking abdominal muscles, it is recommended to exercise in this way and wear sportswear, preferably quick-drying and breathable fabric sportswear, combined with aerobic exercise and anaerobic strength training. Perform moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, running, swimming, biking, etc. each time for more than 30 minutes. Then perform these 5 exercises on the abdomen (according to your physical condition, each exercise is about 12 times, each group of 3 times, each time supporting the board for about 1 minute).

Misunderstanding 3: Everyone can develop eight pack abs
Many people want to exercise their abdominal muscles, and the result is effective. Why do others only have 8 o'clock, but only 6 o'clock? In fact, not everyone can practice 8-pack abs.

Because the abdominal muscles are divided into the rectus abdominis, the internal and external obliques, and the transverse abdominis, the 8-pack abdominal muscles we often say are actually the rectus abdominis. The rectus abdominis is a whole from top to bottom. Due to the "tendon stroke", the abdominal muscles were cut into 6 or 8 pieces.

However, the number and location of tendons are determined by genes. Therefore, training cannot correct the asymmetry of the abdominal muscles, nor can it train 6-pack abdominal muscles into 8 abdominal muscles.
Misunderstanding 4: The role of abdominal muscles is just beauty.

If your abdomen is muscular, is this just to show? If you think so, then you will underestimate your abs. You know, the abdominal muscles that work so hard are an important part of the core muscles. Therefore, in addition to being beautiful, it also has the function of protecting the lumbar spine and maintaining normal lower back curvature. The abdominal muscles also play an active role in maintaining body stability. When exercising, the coach often wants to tighten the abdomen. This is also the purpose. When tightening the abdominal muscles, it can help the limbs give full play to their strength, improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Do you have a common misunderstanding about abdominal training?

Abdominal lines or other things, as long as they are moderate, there is no need to pursue clear lines. At the same time, more importantly, it should improve abdominal strength, which is even more important.