After mastering these 6 skills, running will not be so tiring.

What are the main reasons preventing people from falling in love with running? I think many people will say this is fatigue from running! This statement is indeed correct. This feeling was particularly strong when I first started running. I remember when I was running for the first week, I could only run 800 meters with one breath. After running, I can't move. I was really scared of running at the time! This is because running is too tired, so there is no way to keep going!

Later, I gritted my teeth and insisted on running every day. Coupled with the correct method, my running level quickly improved, from 800 meters to 5 kilometers. I was really proud at that time because I never wanted to be alone. You can run 5 kilometers in one breath! So how to reduce fatigue from running? In fact, there are many ways. After mastering these five points, running becomes very easy!

After mastering these 6 skills, running will not be so tiring

1. Little progress

Many people feel tired because they desire success, because they want to eat a fat man in one bite, and they have to improve one to two laps a day, three to four laps a day. Can you say you are not tired? There is little progress in running. The longer you persist, the smaller the progress you can get!

Therefore, we should note that little progress has been made. It can increase by 50 to 100 meters per day. The key is to persevere. When you advance at this speed, I believe you will be able to drive 5 kilometers or even 10 kilometers with ease soon!

2. Running equipment

Before running, you should prepare suitable shoes and sportswear. Choose comfortable and elastic sportswear to get a better exercise effect. Choose shoes that are usually worn in normal exercise habits. It will be more suitable and will not create a situation that requires running-in.

3. Relaxed breathing rhythm
Breathing is also very important for running! Some people have poor breathing methods, so the effect is poor, and they are particularly tired when running. We should master a relaxed breathing rhythm so that you can run easily without getting tired!

I suggest everyone can take a deep breath. Take two steps, inhale, take two more steps, and exhale. This is called two steps, one breath, two steps and one breath. Combining the rhythm of running and the rhythm of breathing, you will feel that running is really much easier!

After mastering these 6 skills, running will not be so tiring

4. Reasonable postural coordination

Many people's running postures are particularly uncoordinated and unreasonable! Nowadays, many people do not shake or shake when running, shake hands with each other, and do not pay attention to the pace of their legs. All excess energy will be consumed in useless exercise!

Therefore, our posture must be coordinated and reasonable when running. Do not swing your hands too much. The waist muscles, abdominal muscles and back muscles must be tightened to maintain the stability of the posture. The legs must swing flexibly and not too stiff. 

5. Sleep well and eat well

Some people sleep well every day, do not sleep well, spend less time in deep sleep, and like to stay up late. At the same time, they do not pay attention to diet. They like meat and don't like vegetables. If you said you were running in this state, would you feel relaxed?

Therefore, we must maintain good sleep and good eating habits, so as to benefit the body and physical health, make your body full of vitality, let you run more easily and effectively, and let you cope with running easily!

6. Strong muscles

Nowadays, many people have relatively poor physical fitness, so they are particularly prone to fatigue when running! This situation is normal, because your muscles are too weak, so your physical fitness is very poor, so you will feel tired when running!

Effectively improving muscle strength can solve your poor body and poor running ability! You can consider self-weight fitness and equipment fitness, so that your whole body muscles will be stronger, muscles will be stronger, and you will feel very relaxed when running!

In fact, running is very tiring. this is normal phenomenon. We should not give up. We should actively look for ways to enhance our perseverance and perseverance, so that you will find that running will become easier and easier, and eventually become a pleasure.