7 ways to make you fall in love with yoga practice

Many beginners think yoga is very good and want to practice, but after a few days of practice, they give up and have no motivation to practice yoga. Because sometimes it is difficult to face everything that happens in the inner world! In order to obtain the wonderful benefits of yoga, we need to find effective ways to fall in love with yoga. You can use some extra inspiration to keep your love for yoga. We have summarized several effective ways to fall in love with yoga practice:

7 ways to make you fall in love with yoga practice

1.Yoga is not just asanas (postures). You can explore many other aspects of yoga, which are sure to inspire your enthusiasm for this path. Whether it's meditation, breathing exercises, Nidra yoga, or the lost sitting posture in yoga philosophy books, you will find something that inspires you.

2.Buy a set of yoga clothes that you like and look good. Good-looking yoga clothes can not only change our mood, but also clearly see the changes in your muscles during exercise, which will gradually arouse your curiosity. When you learn how to wear yoga clothes from the "sense of power", you have reached a high level of yoga. 

3.Dating yoga. This is a sure way to inspire things between the two of you! Spend quality time with you on a yoga date. It might go to the cinema to watch a yoga documentary, or it might go to eat or practice yoga somewhere in nature. Keeping space away from others can be very beneficial.

4.Create a sacred space. You can build a small altar next to the place where you practice at home with your favorite crystals, some candles, etc., which will make you feel relaxed when you accept yoga.

7 ways to make you fall in love with yoga practice

5.Choose some yoga quotes you like and print them out, or if you feel artistic, you can write some decorations and display them around the house. This will remind you of your love of practice.

6.Read a good yoga book. There are too many choices covering different fields, such as philosophy, anatomy, history, spirituality, tantric traditions and so on!

7.Watch some inspiring yoga videos. It is important to watch yoga videos more, it will directly affect how you feel. Therefore, you can restore your love for yoga!

Hope these techniques will make you fall in love with yoga. But not all methods are useful for you, because their effectiveness will vary depending on your environment and mentality.

But when these are useful to you, you will fall in love with yoga, which can help you focus on your daily yoga practice.