6 yoga warm-up exercises to help you stretch your limbs


Whether you are doing yoga in the morning or at night, it is very important to warm up before doing yoga, especially if inexperienced yogis do not warm up, they will be easily injured. For me who have been practicing yoga for 6 years, today I will share a set of overall warm-up yoga asana sequences. This set of warm-up process consists of the usual yoga asanas, which can be practiced on every part of the body. It can not only warm up, but also help you lay the foundation for difficult asanas. I hope it will be helpful to friends who practice yoga! (During the practice, it is best to wear soft and comfortable yoga clothes to practice yoga, so as to better complete the more difficult movements)


  1. Pelvic rolling

 Lean on the mat with your feet close to your hips and shoulder-width apart

Inhale to stretch the spine, and exhale to roll the pelvis upward

Please note that the pelvis will not lift from the surface of the cushion when rolling

Repeat the exercises in groups of 5-8, gradually the abdomen will become hot

  1. Lie on your back and raise your legs

Lie down with your legs shoulder-width apart

Raise left leg, then raise right leg

Then slowly let go

Take care to tighten your legs and don’t lift your hips from the mat

Repeat exercises 5-8 sets

Both legs and abdominal core can be practiced

  1. Needle eye

Lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your right ankle on your left thigh

Hold the back of the left thigh with both hands

Slowly pull the leg towards the body

Hold for 3-5 breaths, switch to the other side

Repeat practice 3-5 sets

Warm up hip abductors

  1. Simple neck warm-up

 Just sit in the center of the cushion and stretch your spine

Lower your head first, then slowly raise your head to lengthen the front side of your neck

Then stretch the right neck to the left,

Stretch the left neck to the right and repeat the exercise for 5-8 sets

Pay attention to control movement, the neck is not completely relaxed

  1. Simple sitting arm winding

 Simply sit with your hands on one side, your left hand on the top and your right hand on the bottom

Bend your arms and pay attention to the parallelism between the elbows

Stretch your neck, hold your breath for 5-8 times, switch to the other side

Practice 3-5 sets, warm up your shoulders

6.Seated forward bending + twisting

Simple sitting position, inhale and stretch the spine

Exhale and twist your body to the right, and hold for 3-5 breaths

Turn left and hold for 3-5 breaths

Inhale and stretch again, exhale forward and downward

Repeat 3-5 sets of exercises, the spine is soft

Through practice, you will find that yoga warm-up exercises are very helpful for stretching body postures and have a stronger awareness of your body placement. This process helps the brain to focus on the yoga posture to be practiced.