6 simple prenatal yoga movements to relieve pregnancy discomfort.

After pregnancy, many prenatal mothers enter the "feeding life", where they can only eat, sitting or standing lying down. However, excessive intake of nutrients can lead to weight gain, and as the number of weeks of pregnancy increases, symptoms such as poor blood circulation, backache and leg swelling will gradually appear, which is not a good thing for pregnant women and babies. In addition to improving the symptoms of pregnancy, proper exercise can also improve the quality of sleep and promote the healthy growth of the baby. The following yoga poses can be used to practice yoga on a chair to provide physical support for pregnant women and create space for exercise.

6 simple prenatal yoga movements to relieve pregnancy discomfort

Preparations before yoga: flexible large-size yoga clothing, professional yoga clothing with elasticity, soft and comfortable fabric, with wicking effect, yoga mat and strong chair. (It is best to use a professional yoga chair), put the short side of the yoga mat on the wall, and then put the chair on the mat with your back facing the wall.

1. Downward dog

Place your hands on the side of the chair, align your heels with the back edge, and stretch your neck. Keep your arms, waist, back, buttocks and legs stretched to maintain full breathing for 6 to 8 times. Inhale and exhale smoothly. Now I fill the abdominal cavity with my breath to leave more space between each back rib.

6 simple prenatal yoga movements to relieve pregnancy discomfort

2. Dynamic down dog

The lower dog keeps inhaling and moves forward until the shoulder is aligned with the wrist. When exhaling, push back to the lower dog and repeat 5 sets of breaths.

6 simple prenatal yoga movements to relieve pregnancy discomfort

3. One-legged down dog

Downward dog pose ready to inhale, stretch your right leg to the sky and exhale, move your right knee to the right side of your right upper arm and repeat 3 times, then switch to the left Inhale from the lower dog position, exhale forward, bend the elbows, inhale at 90 degrees with your arms, push the chair, raise the chest, enter the upper dog position, exhale, raise the hips, and then return to the lower dog position 5 set.

5. Crescent

Step on the chair with your right foot, then lift your heel, tilt the front bone of your thigh to the ground, keep your right knee aligned with your ankle, and push the wall with your hand, inhale steadily, raise your arm, lift your body, imagine moving you Insert the hip joint socket of the thigh into the back, fix the outer thigh, place it in the center for 6-8 breaths, and then switch to the other side.

6. Warrior Two

Rotate the heel to the ground from the "crescent" position. Raise torso and open arms. Place your front foot firmly on the chair. Inhale and straighten your front legs. Exhale and bend it 90 degrees. Look at the left arm for 4-6 breaths. , And then change sides to complete the whole process, sit on a chair, put your hands on your knees, close your eyes, and feel the physical and mental pleasure brought by this chair exercise.

6 simple prenatal yoga movements to relieve pregnancy discomfort

Finally, before preparing for prenatal yoga practice, you must consult an obstetrician and gynecologist, so that the doctor can help determine whether your physical condition allows, and ask professional teachers to provide technical guidance to prevent accidents.