5 yoga poses to effectively reduce belly fat.

For office workers, heavy life pressure, sedentary sitting, poor bowel movements and unreasonable lifestyle habits can easily lead to the growth of waist fat, which makes people’s bodies slowly accumulate into a "Michelin tire" shape.

5 yoga poses to effectively reduce belly fat

I believe that many girls who love beauty know that abdominal obesity can bring bad appearance, but they don't know how to eliminate the annoying belly fat. In fact, if you want to remove belly fat, you can practice belly fat reduction yoga.


Yoga bricks, yoga mats, yoga clothes, these auxiliary equipment can make you practice yoga better and more effectively. It is recommended to buy yoga clothing fabrics that are elastic, breathable and comfortable. When you sweat, high-quality yoga clothing fabrics will absorb your sweat and dry easily and quickly.

  1. Yoga standing forward bend pose

Take a piece of yoga brick, stand on top of the yoga brick in a mountain standing pose, and separate your feet on the yoga brick.

Bend your body forward to the end and place your head between your legs.

Spread your fingers on the ground, push the tail as far back as possible, and let your legs stand perpendicular to the ground.

Hold the position for 10-15 seconds.

5 yoga poses to effectively reduce belly fat

Standing forward bending can quickly and effectively burn abdominal fat, easily get rid of the lower abdomen, beautify the abdominal line, and help train the vest line. (Note: People with poor spine are not allowed to practice)

  1. Front stretch yoga

When practicing, start in a mountain position and stretch your chest upwards.

Keep your hips off the ground, keep your legs together,

Step on your toes on the ground, the top of your head is perpendicular to the ground, your arms are perpendicular to the ground, feel the stretch of your abdominal muscles,

Keep this action for 30 seconds, the body will return to the high mountain posture.

Yoga before stretching is also very helpful for exercising the abdomen, tightening the abdomen and beautiful legs.

5 yoga poses to effectively reduce belly fat 

  1. Simple and easy to do sit, twist and turn

Sit cross-legged on a folded blanket with your pelvis level and your back straight.

Inhale and stretch the spine upwards. As you exhale, stretch and turn back to the right. Put your left hand on your right thigh and your right hand on the edge of the blanket behind you. Hold it for 30 seconds, then retract.

Repeat the same action in the opposite direction.

Function: This asana can help you stretch your spine well and eliminate back pain, and then help you massage your abdomen to reduce fat on your abdomen and promote the peristalsis of the digestive organs.

5 yoga poses to effectively reduce belly fat

  1. Double angle yoga

Stand up during practice, spread your legs, and stretch your back naturally;

Raise your arms and bend your upper body forward;

Put your hands on the line between your feet and the top of your head will naturally stick to the ground.

Double angle yoga is also a posture for waist and abdomen exercise. Of course, it is also very helpful for bending the spine, stretching the posterior thigh ligaments and hamstrings, which can bend the spine and legs and tighten the lower abdomen.

5 yoga poses to effectively reduce belly fat

  1. The reverse pose of the locust

When practicing, start from the prone position, extend your hands to support your sides, press your palms on the ground, lift your legs from your back and straighten them, and at the same time move your abdomen away from the ground and your legs perpendicular to the ground. Keep this movement 5 Breathe.

Locust Yoga can stretch the legs and abdomen well, so that the whole body can be repaired and beautified. This is also a good way to improve your body shape.

The above 5 yoga asanas can help you reduce belly fat and tighten your lower abdomen. It is recommended that beginners exercise under the guidance of a yoga instructor to prevent physical damage due to unprofessional movements!